Your On-Call Marketing Department
and Support Group


Design Squad is a fast moving, specialized, team concept – comprised of

top-level creative, operations, and engineering specialists located mainly on Earth.

A Customer-Centric Approach to the Creative Solution Process

The point of view isn’t to look for things to keep a huge staff busy – the machine is driven by client needs for specific solutions. Your own, completely scalable, custom development team is created for each well defined process.

Having accumulated more than twenty-five years of skills, resources, and professional experience in creative fields, Rich Hart works both as an independent member of your team performing specific tasks, and as a project manager directing resources, consulting, and reporting.

In most cases Rich can supply the majority of concepting, design and management answers you need.

When the job involves special operations and services, Design Squad utilizes independent project management and strategic alliances with other industry specialists to assemble teams on a flexible, project basis. This structure allows for the highest quality talent, information, and solutions available – and the leanest, most effective process possible.

You hire only the expert skills or services you need, you don’t pay for the overhead a full staff and large permanent structure presents.

What makes the Design Squad model so effective are custom designed systems for information management, a unique ability to define and understand trends, and the Design Squad network of key partnerships.