The Development Process

To create a meaningful solution to your needs, it is of the utmost importance to

have the solid foundation of a well defined process.

To ensure a smooth process, and successful outcome, everyone involved needs to be on the same page regarding desires, expectations, and deliverables.

As each project is different in complexity, timing, size, and tasks required – to accomplish this desired outcome we need a plan of action, and the resources to follow through.

Outline of potential components that will be drawn from in project development.

    • recon – analyze the problem and the competition
    • define – motivation, requirements, and risks
    • plan – create potential solutions and contingencies
    • brief – empower all involved with consistant information
    • procure– access all tools needed for the job
    • action – design, manage, event, production
    • document – photo, audio, video, vr, copy, data
    • publish – web, print, dvd, video, film
    • distribute – merchandise, samples, medias
    • debrief – project recap and reporting