Proposal for Services:

EcoGarden Supply


By: Design Squad




Greetings Zowie and Patrick,

This comes to you from a customer, a long-time growing enthusiast and a small business advocate – my name is Rich Hart and I look forward to helping your businesses grow.

I’m here offering to help handle any of the tasks that take away from your focus on growth at this crucial time. I would like to discuss updating elements of the EcoGarden Supply website, helping with the Momentum Growers site, and plans for the ‘future’ that is happening right now in Minnesota.

My business, Design Squad, is located only a mile away on University – it makes sense we work together.


About Design Squad

Design Squad works as a partner in creating and enhancing brands by offering design, ideation, and marketing solutions that apply to ventures both online and off.

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience in design, web development, marketing, branding, and advertising – Design Squad brings a multidisciplinary, integrated philosophy to all solutions.


Proposal Overview

I have identified some priority issues on your site such as using higher quality photos and updated messaging on the landing page. I can provide solutions that have proven to help increase customer confidence, increase business and potentially eliminate some unneeded communications via enhanced information.



Enhance relationships with current and prospective customers by creating a more focused and information rich digital experience with EcoGarden Supply, its products, and services.



Increased sales of products and services through more effective marketing, better educated customers, higher customer loyalty, more customer referral, added value for customers who make the effort to visit your website, social media or brick and mortar.

An outline of Phase 1 priorities along with a list of future possibilities follows.


Priorities and Possibilities

Phase 1 Priorities:
  • Photography of main product warehouse and sales area
  • Photography of featured systems rooms and areas
  • Revise website landing page design elements
  • Create new messaging for website landing page
  • Update landing page with new photography and messaging
  • Source or create multiple angle photos of higher cost products
  • Add new product photography to product pages
  • Revise and add to product description text
  • Add product description text to product pages
  • Update site User Interface
  • Update page layouts
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Private labeled samples and products
  • Private labeled merchandise
  • Promotions in store and online
  • In store signage
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Consultation and Management Services



To ensure a smooth and successful outcome, everyone involved needs to be on the same page regarding desires, expectations, and deliverables. To create a meaningful solution to your problem it is of the utmost importance to have the solid foundation of a well defined process.

This begins with the Research and Discovery Process.


Research and Discovery

A foundation of the Design Squad methodology is the Discovery Process – because, if we don’t know where you came from, how can you get to where you want to go?

Together we will define the scope of your needs and limitations.

1) Situational Analysis – Where are you? (market trends, competition, consumer trends, media trends)

2) Objectives – Where do you want to go?

3) Audience Analysis – Who are you talking to, what keeps them up at night and how can you better help?

4) Positioning – What is your point of difference and why is that better in the minds of your customers?


Project Investment

As each project is different in complexity, timing, and tasks required, the budget is always the determining factor of quality and quantity. This being said, the current estimated cost range for items outlined in Phase One is $4,000 – $8,000.

When a budget has been established and approved by EcoGarden Supply and priorities are determined, Design Squad will provide a detailed cost and timing estimate regarding the tasks and resources needed to produce those items in the most effective and professional way possible.


Next Steps

Let’s discuss the possibilities.

I can also tell stories of; growing up on a farm, planting and keeping more than 500 trees alive, managing a crew at a seed genetics operation, visits to the Hash and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, the weather in Jamaica, playing disc golf around the world, or founding a craft brewery.

Please call, text or email me a convenient time to meet or talk.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rich Hart  •  612-817-9657  •