The Development Process

To create a meaningful solution to your problem it is of the utmost importance to have the solid foundation of a well defined process. To ensure a smooth and successful outcome, everyone involved needs to be on the same page regarding desires, expectations, and deliverables.

As each project is different in complexity, timing, size, and tasks required, to accomplish this desired outcome we need a plan of action, and the resources to follow through.


Events and Promotions

Following is an outline of potential components that will be drawn from in project development:

  • recon – analyze the problem and the competition
  • define – motivation, requirements, and risks
  • plan – create potential solutions and contingencies
  • brief – empower all involved with consistent information
  • procure– access all tools needed for the job
  • warehouse – merchandise, vehicles, displays
  • action – design, manage, event, production
  • document – photo, audio, video, vr, copy, data
  • publish – web, print, video
  • distribute – merchandise, lifestyle products, samples
  • debrief– project recap and reporting


Free Lunch Announcement.

There Will Be No More Free Lunches.

Design Squad has invested considerable resources in hardware, software, partner services, experience and research. As a Proposal for Work takes time from billable work and includes valuable information, I must charge $’s for complete proposals – whether accepted or not. This helps offset … and ….


Estimate and Initial Discovery – user determines estimate via discovery ?’s using conditional logic

Where are you at?

Starting from Ground Zero – We Need:

Naming, Identity, Branding, DNS Registration, Hosting, Email Services

Starting from… – We Have:

Final Biz Name, Domain Reserved, Hosting Set Up, Logo, Collateral, Style Guide,

Starting from… – We Need:

Final Biz Name, DNS Registration, Hosting Set Up, Hosting Services, Email Services, Logo, Collateral, Style Guide,

Development & Content Management Tools


What is it

Who uses it – thousands of the best


Divi / Elegant Themes:


Partner Services:


Constant Contact

Woo Commerce