Rich Hart: Semi Professional Expert


Hello. My name is Rich Hart.

I am Design Squad.

As Leader of Design Squad I am responsible for many aspects of the creative process, working closely with clients in guiding project development.

In my many years of professional experiences, I have worked with Agencies, Design Firms, and a broad range of Businesses and Organizations – interfacing with Creative Directors, Marketing Managers, Designers, Owners, Presidents and CEO’s.

An insatiable desire to look, listen, learn, and grow, has allowed me to function in these situations in numerous capacities.


Attended Iowa State University, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Areas of focus; Fine Arts, Environmental Design, Advertising, Marketing, Sociology, Film and Media Critique.


Production Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Website Developer, Tech Consultant, Photographer, Event Planner, Board Member, Sponsor Coordinator, Investor Coordinator, Marketing Director, Creative Director, Project Manager


Project Planning, Project Management, Ideation, Graphic Design, Website Design, HTML Coding, Copy Writing, Marketing Strategy, Retail Image Management, Naming, Identity Development, Packaging Design, Product Design, Promotion Development, Sponsor Coordination, Photography, Video, Public Relations

Tools  (a few)

Acrobat, Aftershock, BB Edit, Cold Fusion, Director, Divi, Dreamweaver, Emailer, Entourage, Excel, Fetch, FileMaker Pro, Firefox, Fireworks, Flash, Google Chrome, Illustrator, InDesign, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Quark, Quicktime, Sound Edit, Photoshop, Safari, Word, WordPress

Rich Hart: By the Numbers


I enjoy common sayings.

One favorite is ‘if you spend 10,000 hours.’

I first wanted to call bullshit on it for one reason, I then looked up more details. With more info, I wanted to call bullshit on others for referencing it.

Anyway, it fueled my OCD or ADD or some other thing in my brain that needs to get to the bottom of things.

I started thinking about putting numbers to my time spent in preparation for your project.

Coolest thing is, every item, every hour listed, once was a new experience.